Nero version update patch available

I just posted the article Nero version update patch available.

Don’t know if this patch has been out long but I saw this on the Ahead download page:

Nero version Update Patch

Recorder update for recorders:

AOpen: 24X10X40 CD-RW, 24X10X48…

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Hate to disappoint you, but even I downloaded that one February 4, 2002 already (and I am always running behind on these things) :wink:

Download Patch Only for Nero version Recorder update for recorders AOpen: 24X10X40 CD-RW, 24X10X48 CD-RW PLEXTOR : CD-R PX-W1210S Download here So this means i don’t need it…

it’s not version, it’s a patch FOR

LOL :smiley: I wasn’t sure if it was news or not since there wasn’t any date on the Ahead site… Oh well people that already knew about the news can ignore it and people who didn’t can use it :slight_smile:

When I applied 5572 and tried too burn, it tried to use my plex 40 as the writer, and failed straight away. As I bought my copy of Nero(help support them, its cheap enough, and u dont need cracks and blacklisted serials, and no coasters)I send an e-mail about not supporting my drive, and hey presto the patch arrives :4 Greets from the Diplomat :8

i would GLADLY support most of the products i use. (cant afford 3dsmax, and i do shit all with it anyway) NERO is one of em. when i get real work, i shall. Looks like that “Support” for nero does work, unlike other, M_uch larger companie_S. :4