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Crest,jockeyy and psvfreak used our newssubmit to tell us that Ahead has released a new version of Nero 5. This time they increased the version number to

It has not been officially…

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Should’nt this be 5548 instead of 5048 plus the date says 2000…

On their site it says: Nero 5.5 available during March 2001, it’s already April 2001!

Nope basshead its an update to the offical, not a v5.5 update.

version has been out since 03/11/2001 !!! check for prove. Once again… CHECK your sources before posting such fucked up news. its not even a real newsposting - merely an attempt to be important. Bill saying “tata”

Version 5.5 has not yet been officailly released Only PREVIEW VERSIONS are avaliable NOT full version, Check ur sources first b4 u post such Shit U obviously have no idea of the burning scene.

Im waiting… waiting a whole month, stil no nero 5.5. where i am be waiting for… :c

Well Bill, very nice you like to be a smart ass, but for your information, Nero 5.5 has not been officially released, Ahead is as it seems still developing the Nero 5.0 series, and this is an update to that. I understand that you like to bring us down, but this time you’re wrong… DoMiN8ToR saying ‘tata’

Domi has spoken :7 p.s. who is greatest smart ass Bill Gates or BillyGates :wink:

Get the latest Nero 5.5 from my homepage. This version is NOT the preview version and it works without registration number: [ sorry this link is not allowed ]

ISO News, great another shitty .COM down the tubes :+

Nero has to just release the fucking program! Its April alreday and still no damn program…! :frowning:

Of course the New Nero is out! In the Chill Out section of [ sorry this link is not allowed ] Hope you guys pay more attention

Studiodubio: The version you have, IS the preview version. The official version has yet to be released. I know this, becuase I got my hands on the “original preview” and did a friend of mine, did a CRC checksum with the version you have, compared to the preview, and guess what: They are exactly the same, byte by byte, bit by bit… -DiViDeZeRo-

Preview or not, my is working just fine :wink: I know it’s the preview but I downloaded it anyway because I couldn’t wait. Ahead’s software is always good but I do think they should keep to their release dates… It seems to me they’re always late… but then again it’s worth waiting for! Grts

Dominator, get your head out of your fat ugly bitching ass, and get that Nero 5.5 IS out. who the fuck cares when its out in the stores, does ANY of the people buy nero from the stores any way? fuck no!! we want warez, or nothing. Grow up lamer, and get that you are too slow. moron!

Watch out for those swedes !! they are a bunch of satans!

Wow Billie, seems you haven’t learned how to discuss on a proper way (without calling bad names that is) but anyway, whatever Nero released, officially or not, they also released this version, so if you don’t want to download it, I really don’t care. And it has been released yesterday, it was on the site just a few hours after that, so don’t call us slow. There are other people that do like to know this…

sht the fck up Bill. :r if you cant be polite please stay away from this page / forum. I think im not the only one who dont likes your behavior and if you try to start the flames in here please GET THE F-CK LOST!!! oder was ? -=[DC]=-ViRuZ

I have an older version of Nero, Haven’t had any problems. :slight_smile: