Nero verify vs. cdspeed scan vs pi/pif scan

Just upgrade my Lite-on 832 to an NEC ND-3520A. Not having KProbe at my disposal, I’ve been using CDSpeed to scan transfer rate. But I’m having poor scans near the end of the disc, regardless of burn speed using Maxell 4x DVD+R MIJ, which are RICOHJPNR01. I burned this media on my Lite-on at 8x with top notch PI/PIF results, but burning them on the NEC using 1.U8 at 12x, then 8x, then 4x, I’m getting scans similar to the attached scan. This particular one was burned at 4x, with the 8x and 12x being similar.

Now, Nero verifies the burns and doesn’t find any errors. Should I be concerned?

Try reading with setting the NEC for a slower speed like 12x and compare. The NEC can have problems reading at the end of a recordable disc at 16x speed. When Nero does a verify I notice it uses a speed like 3-8x, not 16x.

I watched Nero do the verify and I can definitely hear it spin slower and reports a slower reading speed as it approaches the end of the disc - consistent with the CDSpeed scan.

I did another burn using Fuji 8x DVD+R (TY T02) burned at 8x with Liggy’s 1.U8 and ended up with similar CDSpeed scans. I then reflashed the 3520 to NEC’s 1.04 firmware and burned again with the same media at 8x. Similar results at the end of the disc. Here it is:

I then did a scan of a Maxell MIJ DVD+R (RICOHJPNR01) disc I burned with my LiteOn 832s which had excellent scans with CDSpeed and KProbe. Here’s the scan on the 3520 with NEC 1.04 firmware:

Is the NEC such a lousy reader? The next thing I might try is to scan with the LiteOn 832, but I’ll have to reinstall the drive as I have removed it from my Shuttle XPC and replaced with the NEC.

Anything for me to try? RMA the 1-week old drive?