Nero verify failure - bad memory

I was burning files to 2 dvd drives at once, and the verify showed mismatch with both disks in the same spot.
I was getting 3 or 4 errors per burn, with both disks showing the same sectors in error.

After a lot of me fumbling around, it looks to be a memory problem.

I also ran md5 checksums on the 3000 files (4gig) 10 times and about 50 files had 1 of the runs with a different checksum than the other 9.
I’m surprised that you can get errors like that and not have them detected or reported (on MS xp).

I have 2 gig memory in 4 strips.
I ran BurnInTest 8 times and it always reports an error about 3/4 of the way through in about 5 minutes.
Is there software that can tell me which strip needs to be removed, or even dissable it ?.
I looked at bios settings and didn’t see anything there.

I’m running right now, and posting this with this bad memory, so hope all the bxts come through ok :slight_smile:

I see no sense by doing more than 1 burn at once without using EXTRA controllers.

as far as i know, the only reliable way to tell which ram module is the culprit you have to test one at a time.

test them all in the SAME slot when you do test it because it could turn out that all of the modules are fine, but one of the slots is faulty. if all of the modules test out fine, then you start testing the same module in different slots to find the problem there.

memtest86 is another common memorey test application. there’s no set time limit for the app to run, but the general rule is the longer you let it run, the more accurate it is. running overnight is usually recommended.

this is IF you have a memory problem.

have you tried burning discs one at a time to determine if your problem was caused by the increased load on the system?

unless you have four components on different IDE cables (2 sources and 2 writers) then you’re going to have some amount of interference. this may be worth testing before you start pulling your tower apart to check memory (which can be a LONG process)

I cleaned the insides of dust with canned air, and a shop vac to pull the blown dust out of the air. I could see the white coating on the cpu fan fins, it was caked on so badly. The front air filter had been stuck, but I finally got it pulled out and it was pretty thick with dust too.

This didn’t fix the memory error last night, but this morning when I ran the BIT ram test it was ok. The computer was left on all night.

I re-ran the md5 on the 4 gig files and it ran ok too, producing identical checksums for all the files from run to run.
I’ve done 3 sets of backup of my hard drive, 4 gig each and they all are verifying ok now. (I do 2 of each backup, so if 1 media self destructs in a year, I have the 2’nd one from a different manufacturer to fall back on).

So I’ve learned to clean the case filter more often, and will always verify when I burn with nero, even though it has seldom reported problems.

I’ve downloaded memtest86 and created the boot disk, so I’m going to be running it this weekend.

Just to finish this off.

Memtest86 did a good job and found 270 errors in 4 hours of running.
I replaced a 512 meg stick of memory 4 days ago and everything is working fine now.

270 errors in 4 hours! wow! supposedly even 1 error run overnight means you have a problem. it’s no wonder you were having so many issues.

all the dust and junk inside your computer could have caused poor air circulation and some overheating issues which may have contributed to your problems as well.

also thanks for reporting back on your progress! it’s always nice to know that an issue has been resolved :slight_smile: