Nero verification successful but jerkie playback



Hi every1,

I am dvd newbie and just got myself a nec nd3500ag. I am not sure whether this problem is related to the new burner at all.

i have burned this particular divx movie (702Mb) on three cdrs and all of them return the same problem. Nero always verifies as successful burn , but when i playback the movie on mp9 , vlc or nero showtime the movie is very jerky. The ND3500AG LED indicator blinks furiously with continous physical seek noise from the drive. I even tried burning exclusively at 24x and results are the same. However, if I copy the the burned file from cdr back to hardisk, the playback is smooth.

This is unlike other normal movie playbacks where the ND3500AG LED blinks at smooth interval and the movies will play fine. I have burned about 40 other divx on cdr and dvd and the burns turn out excellent as well as the playback.

Forgive me if i have posted to a wrong forum, but i really dont know whats wrong where…


PIII 866Mhz
256 SDRam
Imation 48X CDR 700MB/80M (CMC Magnetics)