Nero Verification Failure & NEC ND 2510a



I have a huge problem. All the CDs and DVDs I write with my NEC ND-2510 using Nero 6.6.x fail ad different points when trying to verify written data. I am usign the original firmware, and nothing special is applied to my PC (it’s 1.1GHs Duron with Gigabyte K7ZT mb). Is this problem caused by the drive itself or by some hardware incombatility ? First I thought that the problem is in the CDs, but since I tried a lot of types - from Traxdata to Verbatim & Memorex, from cd-r to dvd+rw - I cleared that doubt out.

Please advice me what to do


Don’t verify the data. See if the CD/DVD ROM can read those burned discs.


I gave up verifying with Nero as so many of my burns were failures. It appears that it was down to Xp. If I verified with windiff or CDCheck afterwards everything passed. Well not everything as sometimes the IFOs & BUP files would , correctly, be different. I think with Nero they are the same but with some other software , eg CopyToDVD, there are differences. If they play alright & they verify with the apps I’ve mentioned (both free) then no worries.


No, the problem go to be somewhere in the hardware – i have a HP nx9005 laptop, with the same version of nero( and winxp (both have all the latest updates applied)

the cdrw/dvd combo on the laptop writes and verifis the cds with no problem, but the desktop PC fails at verification


Why must you verify the discs? Is there a problem with the burn? Use CD/DVD Speedtest to see if the drive can read the burned media.


The verification problem exists not only when verifiyng wih Nero - and yes, the CDs have errors on them and some files are not readable.


Reduce the burn speed 4X for DVDs and 16X for CDs. Also use quality Made in Japan media if possible.

DO NOT write using packetwriting software like InCD or DirectCD. Use the ISO multisession format.