Nero v7.7.5.1 released



Its not up on the nero site yet… But its on the FTP :slight_smile:
Should be up in a few hours…

Direct link:


Perfect!!! :smiley:


It’s on the Nero Site now.


But you can’t download it, its not on their servers yet.


I am getting it from that site now, its at 31% and coming in.


No, it is there Alan, but you and you alone can not have it.

Its comming in here at 178KB/s, not that fast but better than you, LOL


My tongue is hanging out…well almost.

[B]Can you fill us in…?
Why is it called “enhanced”?[/B]

And how is the 7 nowdays…? It was full of bugs a while back, ja? So I´ve resisted…but I´m ready to give in and get it… :slight_smile:


Got it too…hmm the update and the trial has the same size…looks like that they are the same…Alan try it again :smiley:
Nero Recode is included so you won’t need CloneDVD anymore…sorry couldn’t resist :wink:


He will if he wants to retain the original menus over split discs.


Is there a way to split a DVD with Recode?


Yes, but you can’t retain the original menus over split discs in Recode.


webslinger, I couldn’t see how to do it. Could you give me a quick lesson?

  1. Import the main movie into Recode.
    Choose “Reocde Main Movie to DVD”

  2. Use the “Trim Movie” feature

For more info use and install the Nero help files:

Take a look at the “shortening video” section.


Is it safe to install this update? I went back to Nero 6 after the third update when it first came out and have not tried it since.


It is still slow downloading 175K/s may be should wait for one or two more days for the things to cool off, I usually download @ the rate of 410K/S.


Say The Hell Away from it/ Stick with 6
I have tried 7, 3 times, this is the worst.
Lost lightscribe and vision keeps messing up, i’ve gone back to again, never to try 7 ever again. New is not always better!!!


I respect your opinion but I have had this Version 7 and just updated to the new and I have absolutely no problems. It is Vista compatible and Recode and Lightscribe works great for me with my external LG 2166, so I think people have to make their own decisions, there is a trial version so maybe people can decide for themselves.:clap:


I downloaded last night at speed of 345K/S stable.


One thing I will say, is Nero 7’s product setup is about the worthless piece of crap I’ve ever seen. I thought I’d try it this time to see if it would work (it didn’t work the last time I tried to use it). I don’t have everything in the Nero 7 package installed. I chose just the ones I wanted. Product Setup showed the ones I had installed. Started doing its thing and then get a message saying everything had to be un-installed first. It then un-installed what I had, I had to then reboot, then it comes back up downloading the whole dam package of 255 mb when the regular download is only 190 mb. So much for optimizing its download! I was then getting the download at about 3kbs on my cable connection (Comcast). Needless to say I cancelled out and just got the download to do it myself. That way at least I have control over which programs I’m going to install again. Nero just continues to keep its tradition of getting worse instead of better. If I didn’t ocassionally use Recode 2 and Burning Rom, I’d just trash this piece of junk altogether and write off the money these wannabe program writers got from me. This is rediculous! (and has been since Nero 7 came out)


Please enlighten me!!

Are there any the differences between Ultra Edition and Premium Edition; Ultra Edition and Ultra Edition Enhanced; Premium Edition and Premium Edition Reloaded?

Thank you very much!!