Nero v6 w/ Lightscribe question

My 1655 came with Nero v6.6.0.14. I see that the latest v6 is Will I still have Lightscribe support if I update to that? What is the latest version that supports Lightscribe and does anyone have a download link?

On a separate topic, I used to run an older OEM v6 that came with my old Plextor that seemed to have more configurability, including ISO/UDF selection, etc. Will I get these features by upgrading?

Hi :slight_smile:
Latest Nero update will keep LightScribe support. Nero update. On a seperate topic, if it’s not supported by present oem then the answer is no.
For latest LightScribe driver.

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply. The new version seems to work well, although I haven’t tried Lightscribe yet.

I presume that taking the plunge to the v7 upgrade is not going to mess with Lightscribe functionality, is it?

Hi :slight_smile:
Nero 7 should be fine, it works for me. Although if 6 is meeting your requirements it may pay to wait for the next upgrade (still one or two bugs in the system).

I don’t have an overwhelming need to upgrade to 7, I just want to get rid of this Nero Express crap. If I had the features i had in my old OEM v6, I’d be happy. The Nero nag that now comes up wants me to upgrade to v7, it doesn’t give me an option to goto fullblown v6. I guess v7 it will be.