Nero v6.6.0.0 - Still no bitsetting

I got a copy of nero 6.6 and bitsetting is still missing in this version.

I dont know if its been covered elsewhere (I dont believe so)
I remember someone was saying Nero broke it? But I would guess from this it’s been removed ?

Not sure if it is working… But it does show up for my NEC 3500 with modded firmware… Its based on if the drive(and firmware used) supports it from what I can tell. Further more, some firmwares that do auto bitsetting seem to cause nero to disable the changing (like my liteon 1633)… This is no big deal since it would only allow me to force it to something other then DVD-ROM (I have no need to change it to anything but this).

Bugger :sad:

That would be fair to say bilemke

I have codeguys 451@832 CG3B at the moment with auto bitsetting on so I cant verify this, hopefully someone can

So you basically think that if bitsetting is supported then it defaults to on without option?

Try this


It works in nero !!!

No problems with bitsetting on Nero and the LiteOn 812s (using the Sony version of CG3B firmware!). All options available.


I beleive Nero might be capable of detecting drives that default to DVD-ROM in firmware, and thus… Does not show the option. Similair to how I assume it detects the ability to chage the book type and if it can make this change, show the option.

My drive 851S supports bitsetting with firmware GS0K, but Nero doesn’t show it!

dun worry I use dvdinfopro to check the dvd+r burn with nero 6.6. It show the bitsetting as dvd-rom. Look like bitsetting is set to auto in nero 6.6.