Nero v6.3.1.25 adds support for bitsetting on PX-712A *updated*



I just posted the article Nero v6.3.1.25 adds support for bitsetting on PX-712A updated.

 For many CD Freaks visitors the Plextor brand is magic. Considered as  the king of quality and top notch, users expect nothing but the best from this  Japanese company. A lot of users were...
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As Plextor said they wouldn’d support the facility, it’s a strange improvement (besides it is welcome!), and even more if it doesn’t work for Plextor 708A, as someone saind in the forum. Would be nice to have a word from Plextor…


And removes the bitsetting support at least for my LiteOn 851S.


Get yourself some custom firmware here… And mod it with OmniPatcher for Auto Bitsetting if that is what thy heart desires… :wink:


Now please add bitsetting for +R single layer on the Pioneer A08XLA.