Nero v5.5.2.4



I just posted the article Nero v5.5.2.4.

Allthough Ahead didn’t update their webpage yet, at the Ahead FTP Server, a new Nero version can be found.

The new Nero 5.5.x.x releases have caused quite some trouble in CDRLand, because of…

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Can someone mirror the file on tripod or something? I can’t get on any of the Nero sites.


the number generated buy keygen in not support more than 2 recorders . any know serial valid for more recorders :frowning:


Since I’ve been using Nero5.5 I haven’t been able to write a CD at 8x with my HP9110. It’s always saying that the CDR I am using is “bad media”, and it switches to 4x write speed. :frowning: Does anybody know how I can turn this off?? Other software do burn the same CDR’s at 8x


I have a HP9110i myself and I have been using all sorts of recording programs, including the new NEro 5.5 series, while running W2k I haven’t encountered any problems, so it must be a configuration problem.


The ahead site is now updated. I tried a few mirrors, a few times but at first I am got a window with the following message Authentication required 421 Too many users Please try again later. Asking for Login and password Later I got server error messages. Is authentication required now ?


I have the same problem as Kiff. I have a HP9310i and when I’m recording with NERO at 10X, 8X or 6X, it changes the write speed to 4X and it gives the following message: change of write speed due to media. Does anyone know why it happens??


With Win2K SP1, I have A LOT of problems with Nero 5.5.x.x releases! First, I can’t burn ANY cd with my Mitsumi 4804T! And it was not able even to gather informations from the media (with “CD Info” option)!!! Everything works fine with previous releases (5.0.x.x). Another problem is with some MP3 file which aren’t in the “standard” 44Khz/16bit/stereo format, because it refuses to burn them… :c


I will let u all know, I will install the new update. I have been off-line for almost 2 weeks, Processor, and MB troubles, I had to resort to watching VCD’s :4


On my DVD player of course :slight_smile: