Nero v5.0.0.9 released

I just posted the article Nero v5.0.0.9 released.

Submitted by: BlackAdder
Source: v5.0.0.9

Nero v5.0.0.9 is out.
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The old keygen still does it’s job… Lost it?? Getit here:

Hey, I’m using Nero 5003 with the serial number posted by Dividezero before he left the scene, specifically 1777-7601-5747-1969-5122-1617. Does anybody know if the Nero 5009 update will nuke the program? In other words, does Ahead blacklist previously posted serials for Nero?

they do !!!

if you’re lucky they haven’t spotted it yet but if they have it worked until recently but you get 5 popup’s telling you that it’s a pirated version, don’t know if it’ll still work with v5

A new version every 2 week. This sucks.

Jou now who sucks you !!!

Long live the updates !!!
And Newwer programs.

Nero works excelent .

This update is great! it’s made Nero 5 a lot more stable than what it used to be, specially for on the fly recordings.

Anyone know of a working Keygen for

Does still work?

What a dirty trick - the guys from karlsbad-germany are really good! I´ve tested all keygens (7 exists!) and only one work. The trick: All keygens and serials (only one not) want to register Nero as Full-Version - in 5.009 no chance! But a register as OEM with the one keygen works perfect and all functions are avaible.

Greetings from good old germany. -Ralf-

Why don’t you guys try this link
which is the link posted at the very top of this section this is the K.G. by Egis that would give you three choices Normal, OEM, Pro mp3 version registrations. AND YES IT WORKS PERFECTLY WITH
Try it, you won’t regret it!

only the OEM-option of Core´s/Hambo´s KEygen works without any limitations. Have you can made an installation with the NORMAL-option?
This keygen don´t based on name/company-data. If tested some serial-numbers made by this keygen:
with NORMAL programm can´t start ; OEM works perfect.
with NORMAL programm starts, but only image-recorder is selectable ; OEM works perfect.

2xxxx: like 18xxx

Do you have other rusults? What number do you used?

greetings -Ralf-

Ok Ralf,
Here is what I have done, I had the Nero Version installed first with the serial number that was generated with this very same patch (the mp3 Pro Version choice).
Then As soon as I have
upgraded to on top of it asked for a new serial number and I used the same patch for a new serial number by entering the name and company (what ever you want!) but you must have the two field filled and it worked.
I really can not tell you what the numbers starts off with, it could be 12xxx or 10xxx or 15xxx its purely random each and every time. I Have not tried the patch for OEM or Normal REG. myself so I can’t tell you if there is a problem or not. I honestly don’t think that you would have any problem but I can’t tell you for sure. Why don’t you try it and Let me know.
Cheers !

I’ve installed Nero, and i worked fine aslong as i was in Demo Mode, then i found a keyreg. First i reged it as a OEM, but my cd-recorder was not supported, then i uninstalled it and installed it again. I used different key generator. Now i regged it as full version. I worked fine, but i fuck ups my CD’s. I’ve heard that Nero has blacklisted some serialnumbers, so if u use it with a blacklisted serial it will just damage your CD without reporting any error messages. Anyone know how to fix this problem, or what to do, or which files to uninstall. Help me

When you uninstall Nero why don’t you then clean it from the registry as well.
Under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER the look under software directory and remove the entire Ahead directory and then do the same with HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Then reinstall the and use the above link for a working K.G.