Nero v4.0.0.8 released



I just posted the article Nero v4.0.0.8 released.

Well I could not find this one anywhere on the Nero homepage but Sammy mailed us this URL: where you can get Nero Burning ROM version

Read the full article here:  [](

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Damn, that server is tricky slow…someone knows another one? This goes with 400 bytes a second…(not even)…


even CdrSoft has a false link…


met dap 3.9 is het ook geen feest maar het loopt…nog maar 4,14 uur !!



als iemand mij een server geeft post ik heb.

Ik haal op die link toch boven de 50kb/s hoor only bout 2 minutes downloading time

It 7.36 Mb


ow shit sorry, iemand vroeg het in het engels:

If someone has a decent public server for me I’ll up it to there.

got bout +50kb/s on that link.

It’s 7.36 MB


Ah well, new nero versions are like cdrwin new versions, there is one every weekend.


i have installed nero in win2k
but when i launch nero my windows reboot


If u want to use Nero in win2k, you can better use the older version. You have to delete the nerocdnt.sys file from your winnt/system32/drivers and your nero directory.
I have the latest version, without this file, and all works very good!


I got f*cking problems with installing Nero.

Don’t have password for it.