Nero v and burning to multiple recorders


I am using Nero v7.9.6.0. on Windows Vista x64. I have three DVD burners, 2 x Plextor PX-716a and 1 LiteOn 20x SATA Lightscribe drive. Before upgrading from Nero v7.8.5.0. I could burn to multiple recorders at the same time. Now when I try to burn, I do not get any error, I just get a popup that states it is “sorting files”, then comes back with a “burn complete” popup without actually burning anything.

I am lost…can anyone offer any insight/assistance?

Thank you

I can confirm that I have the same issue…going to rollback to a and see if that fixes the issue…


Confirmed, same problem.

Vista 32bit, Nero, 2x Samsung SH-S183 SATA drives.

Worked fine on older versions of Nero, since latest version when I try to use multiple recorders the burning window opens, a pop-up flashes up and disappears so fast I can’t read what it says and the burn window then sits in the ‘Done’ state indefinately and Nero hangs.

I uninstalled v7.9.6.0. and went back to and I am able to burn to all three DVD recorders at the same time.