Nero V.5 / Windows XP / Can't see my Recorder!

My Yamaha cd writer was working find with Nero V.5 on Windows 2000 pro. Now that I had it upgraded to XP, the software cannot find my Yamaha recorder! It is not listed under “choose recorder” - only a virtual recorder is there and that burns the data to the harddrive. I checked the Device Manager and the recorder is listed in the drives, the IEEE 1394 port, and the SBP2 is listed as compliant device. I checked the cables and everything is fine, plus I turned off the antivirus and firewall. What else can I do so that Nero finds the recorder? Oh yes, I also uninstalled and reinstalled Nero and that didn’t work either. Is it something in Windows XP that is causing Nero to be blind? :confused:

Did you disable XP cd recording facilities?
If device manager “sees” the drive you should have no probs, besides I don’t know if there are compatibility probs Nero 5/WinXP, as I don’t know the XP’s “flavour” you have got - plain? Sp1? Sp2?
Both MS and Ahead introduced some changes to solve probs, but no guaranty Version 5 was included.
Try to disable CD recording XP’s facility and see the effect. If it continues search for compatibility probs Nero 5/XP.
Another solution could be going back to Win2000…just kidding, but someone said XP to be the largest virus in the world…


Please get latest Nero 5.x update from and install that. Earlier versions had problems with XP SP2.


Honestly, Nero 5.x is obsolete.