Nero Used Read Buffer Problems

When burning DVDs with my BenQ DW1640 from a HD Image, then Nero Used Read Buffer always goes from 100% to 0% then jumps back to 100% and goes back and forth like that. Thus, it takes a longer time to complete the burn then the on-the-fly in which nero’s buffer hovers at 50% and sometimes at 100%. How do I ensure the used read buffer stays at 100% or is it normal for it to fluctuate? I am burning at 8X, my media supports that speed and my PC is defragged.


Check if DMA is enabled

Yes, for both Pri and Sec Channels, the Transfer is set to DMA if avaliable.

Thanks for fast response.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Check if your HD is almost full or heavily fragmented

my partitions are like pretty full (20% free). All have been defragmented.


Try this:

go to nero preferences and select “Cache” tab. Then press the “Test all drive speed” button and post results.

This should say what speed have your HD

my drives range from 40k KB/s to 50k KB/s.

This is good.

Another test: insert a dvd on your burner (not a blank one), and do a burst rate test (F6) to see what speed go your burner connection

Interface Burst Rate: 23 MB/s

I don’t understand: all your values are good. Your system should work fine.

Can you try to use 80 wire IDE cables?

i cant remember what are my IDE cables but i dont get such problems with CDs. So nothing wrong with my system/settings? Does it help if i increase my Nero Buffer? It’s at the auto config which is 31 MB.


My ultrabuffer settings are “Authomatic” and I haven’t problems.

Sorry, I don’t know :frowning:

I forgot how was it when i burned data, but i remember the buffer wasn’t good when the HD was very fragmented. Well, the image created a fragmented region on my HD, so maybe i might burn on-the-fly next time or burn data that is defraged.

Thanks and you pretty much helped =D