Nero Upside down Result!


It happened already with me 3 times, 3 CDRs losted…

Im using Nero and when Im trying to ceate a Video CD it seems to go everything fine… burns perfect etc…

But when I play the VCD on my DVD-Player…

THE MOVIE IS UPSIDE DOWN!!! Arrrrrrrrggggggggg :confused:

Please, can someone help me out?


are you converting the file off of a DVD??i am sure that that happens if you clip and resize and do not keep the sizes in multiples o 8.
hope this helps

maybe you should try to flip the disc upside down? :bigsmile:

Or watch the movie while doing handstands. Think of the benefits. All that exercise instead of being a couch potato. :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

check out there is a filter in the “nimo codec pack” that you can find in the forum.

If your image is upside down capture or encode in a lower resolution, Divx is optimised for 640x480 and not 720x576.

Updating your Windows, DivX codecs and so forth resolved the problem for me.


ummm… how is DivX going to help his DVD player?

ive got exactly the same problem here…flips it upside down!! it was so funny at the time…but now its just plain annoying.

I told my dad about it and all he said was “so…u mean ive gotta flip teh tv upside down!”

I’ve been using nimo…but i also installed tsunami codec pack…if uve seen it its got every possible codec ever made in teh history of computer codecs.

i’m gunna try nemu again and c how i go

its a known codec issue, look through website as someone suggested in a post above. Do you re-encode the files yourself to vcd or are they mpg format to begin with?

nero re encodes them and it screws up…if i encode them myself with tmpgenc its fine…just neros encoder screws it all up.