Nero Upgrade



I bought a Liteon DVD burner to create my own movies, came with a Nero Essentials 7 with some 30 day trial versions, they expired after 3 days. Anyways I do not have internet access from my home computer but would like to upgrade to the full version, can anybody tell me how I would do that from another computer and then add it to my home PC?


Hi edsauceda and Welcome to CDF:

The full version comes with a 30 day trial and a downloadable serial number is $59.99. Here is the address: (I have no idea why your existing trial period expired after 3 days but you may have adjusted your clock/calendar).

Periodically, there are a number of deals from various websites and you can often do a lot better than $60. Check with but some of these rebates may expect you to be an upgrader from a previous full-version of Nero or Roxiuo.

Go to the computer with the internet connection and download the trial version. Burn that file to a CD or DVD as a data file and transfer it to your computer. You can use XPs ability to burn to burn to a CD if that computer does not have a burning program.

Experiment/play with it to confirm this Nero 7 Ultra is what you want. If it is, go to the other computer and download that serial number. Then, save it to disk and print it out as well as that serial number is worth $60. When you manually enter that serial number to your computer, your copy of Nero will will be a permanent copy.

edsayceda: If your other computer only has dial-up, you’re looking at a 7 hour download. If your ISP doesn’t allow that, send a private message and Ill burn a trial version for you.


Feed your Express serial into - you may qualify for a cheaper upgrade from version 7 OEM / Essentials, or from version 5 or 6 (even OEM).

You could STILL find cheaper january sale deals though in stores, and that’s for a full boxed version!