Nero upgrade from 5.5 OEM to 6



Hi all, I was going to buy Nero 6 Reloaded online, direct from
I own Nero 5.5 OEM. I’ve read on that I can get a discounted 6 Reloaded serial by purchasing an upgrade instead of a full version.

Now, I need to know if there are any disadvantages when doing this. The price difference is not much, after all, so I could happily buy the full version if it guarantees a better product/service. But, of course, I would prefer to not waste money if possible, either.

I tried contacting Nero AG three times, at three different email addresses, but nobody answered. :a I have to say this does not go in favour of my purchase decision… but I’m afraid there’s no better choice than Nero for CD/DVD data burning, Video DVD burning, unprotected CD/DVD copying, and other occasional multimedia tasks like small cover, audio and video editing. Right?
Any other suggestions about CD/DVD recording apps?
I’ve read something good about Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD, but I absolutely don’t like the program GUI.

Here is the mail I sent them.
I hope I can get some answers from other kind users, at least.

I purchased a Samsung CD recorder some time ago, and got Nero 5.5 OEM
together with it.

Now I’d like to buy Nero 6 Reloaded. I’ve read in the FAQ on your web
site that I can buy a “Nero 6 Reloaded Upgrade Downloadable Serial
Number”, which should enable me to download a trial version and
convert it into a full version.

But I’d like to be sure: does the product I get with this upgrade
process have any differences with respect to the “full” downloadable
serial number?
Does it have any different features?
Does it have any limits on recorders it can be used with, or on future
upgrade possibilities, or anything else?
Does it need to check the presence of an existing installation of Nero
5.5, so requiring a double installation process, or can it be
installed stand-alone, just like the full version?


If I could only know one thing about software it is this. If you have CD burning software or antivirus software in your computer and it aint bork don’t fix it.

These are two of the hardest types of programs to clean up from your computer. Especially when changing brands. Different brands do not play together well either.

Just one example. I run Windows XP and Windows 2000 machines. I had Mcafee V7 in my machines. XP upgraded to the next version just fine. Windows 2000 what a night mare. I spent hours online with Mcafee and still do not have things correct. The program works but won’t up date automatically. I should have just dumped the machine and start over again.

Bottom line be prepared for problems. Unless you have a dire need for a new feature I would keep what I have until I did a reformat one day then go for something new.


Thanks for your reply, ohno, but I already tried the Nero 6 demo on my machine and it works fine.
What’s more, I’d like to use it with burners different from the Samsung which had 5.5 OEM with it, so I definitely have good reasons to upgrade. :wink: