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Null-A used our news submit to let us know that the popular burning suite has been updated to version Unfortunately, there is no changelog available at the moment. But stay tuned,…

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Changelog: - Bigger download - More features you will never use

how true! :slight_smile:

Changelog: - Guess! (We’re too lazy to release a changelog.)

Changelog: Unspecified changes made to: substandard video editor substandard backup program substandard photo management software substandard audio editing program substandard media player InCD more aggressively insists that it should format and use any blank optical media you insert. Installer modified to make it harder to install only software needed to burn data, audio, and video discs. Substandard packages make themselves the default handler for even more audio, video, and graphic files on the user’s system. Nero Express further simplified to a single “Burn” button.

Does this program ever evolve ? I only see it becoming something nobody really likes to use anymore. It took them years to make it better but they added so much crap I actually don’t use it anymore. There are freeware alternatives that are way better and way more easy to use.

I’m sure you all know this - you even sorta mention it: People who frequent this and similar sites are no longer the target market for Nero. It’s mom and pop at Best Buy and Circuit City. Their new Acer has a burner and they just want something that’ll let them press a single button (as fmaxwell mentions) and get the “job” done. Doesn’t matter how well it works because they won’t know the difference anyway. Of course, I used Nero – until I found it couldn’t burn DL discs with any reliablilty that I found reasonable. I still have on my machine, but that’s the last version I’ll ever use. I still use it for the infrequent CD burn.

I just use nero portable. 12 megs and does all the burning you need. None of that other crap that comes with it. No encoding no picture stuff, just the plain old program

Oh well, does InCD stills writes file’s creation date wrongly (creation date = copy date)?

so what are some good alternatives to nero?

imgburn :g

ImgBurn is JUST for ISO’s ! There are some people out there, who want to record something else besides pirated ISO’s. Listing alternatives for blodulv doesn’t make any sense, unless you know, what he needs !

@ Blodulv DoISO and it is free too.

burning audio cds, data cds/dvds and movies (not iso images). Should i just stick with nero for these?

True, BUT… if you’ve updated to ImgBurn, just enter the BUILD mode, wholla…add data files, select output (ISO, or Burner), and away you go. (This is in response to CYBERsammy)
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