Nero Update v5.0.3.9

I just posted the article Nero Update v5.0.3.9.

RMX used our newssubmit to tell us that:

At this URL you can download the latest update for Nero: v5.0.3.9.

As it’s not official announced on the Ahead site we don’t have a clue what’s new in…

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This is an old update and it is only for the Yamaha 16x burner :7 so if you dont have that burner dont worry about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

tried it on a Plextor 8432, works fine.

This update is dated from januari 30th :wink:

Jups, it’s indeed an old update. But what about the new Nero v5.5 ?? It’s said to be released together with NeroMAX (Nero for Macintosh) in this month… Well, it only lasts one more day, so Ahead: Hurry UP! BurnArchive already spoke about the new release last week. It should have been released last Monday, but it wasn’t. As BurnArchive says: 'A few small errors in the software installer have delayed the release of Nero v5.5. It seems that only a few Ahead insiders have had the joy of seeing the new Nero release in action. Well, and as the release will be together with NeroMAX, Ahead can look forward to a giant shower of $$$ ! :stuck_out_tongue: ’ Anyhow… We’ll try and keep a close look on the Ahead FTP server, and as soon as the new (Demo) release is available you’ll surely find it at Yves -SLC-

Pls nero 5.5 download