Nero update to v6.3.1.15 (Official)

Ahead has released Nero suite to Version on all FTP servers.
Languages translations are also available.
etc etc etc… :slight_smile:

Apparently, one of the new features is [thread=89828]overburning support[/thread]! :slight_smile: Neat!

Also new version of
Vision Express 2 : 21212
InCD: 4291
Nero Media Player: 14022
Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.01 (packaged in v6.3.1.15) :slight_smile:

Hiya eveyone, I was using Nero and uninstalled it and installed

I was pretty happy with Nero SmartStart, but now it appears to be gone. Did my install go wrong, or is it indeed gone?

Take care,

I think you need to do another reinstall Rob, because SmartStart (StartSmart) is still there!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The release notes are here:

Another new little feature, which you may have noticed if you read the realease notes (link above) under Bug Fixes, Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6 is the : Implementation of DVD-R/-RW booktype changing for several drives. There now is a little box you can tick under the burn section to change the booktype to DVD-ROM if supported by your drive. :slight_smile: