Nero update subtitle problem



I recently updated to Nero 7.5.9 so Nero Showtime would be it’s latest version
The problem that occured on my laptop is that Showtime doesn’t play any subtitle streams anymore?
When I select an xvid or divx .avi-file and play this file, then I want to select a subtitle with it and I go to the button in the player, the one with the screen and the 3 dots in it next to the 1,2,3 number buttons, but this subtitle button is grayed out and cannot even click???
My old version of Nero 7 worked fine with selecting subs.
In between I had also installed several codec packages and also removed some already because I think it has to do with that.
When I do the same with Media Player Classic selecting a subtitle isn’t problem as long as the Playback Output in the Option menu is selected at VMR9 (renderless). [I have know idea what all this means…]
When in MPC the Playback Output is not selected at VMR9 the player read out when trying to select a subtitle: “To Load Subtitles you have change the video renderer type and reopen the file.” etc etc.
So because of this I think it has not to do with Nero, but with some codecs.
Or how do I change the video renderer type in Nero, like it is possible with MPC?

Someone please help me out, it’s really anoying since it’s only on my laptop and not my normal PC both have the same Nero version and the same video-codecs.

Note: My most used codecs I see appearing right-below next to windows clock as a pictogram is ffdshow and divx 6.4.0. And both codec are configured the same as ffdshow and divx on my personal PC, so they must be set correctly. I think it has to be the XviD codec or a registry error… but maybe you know better…

Thanks in advance.