NERO update problems

Hi All,

When updating to Nero along with the other programs associated with it (NeroMIX, InCD & NeroVision Express 3) all goes well until I update to “NeroVision Express 3”. After this is updated when I launch Nero and try to use “Capture Video”, “Make Your Own DVD-Video”, “Make or Modify DVD-Video (VR)”, “Make Photo Slide Show (DVD)” or “Record TV Show” I get an error box titled “NeroVision.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” it also says under “Error signature” “AppName: nerovision.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown
ModVer: Offset: 00000000”. I’m using Windows XP Pro w/service pak 2. No other burning programs are on the machine. Any help would be much appreciated as I would like to be using the latest software as possible. Thanks and have a great Day.

Me… I would uninstall it then use RegSupreme and they do a clean a in-stall of just

Use the following link: to download the Nero Cleantool which remove any traces of the Nero software from the registry when finished download and install the latest version of Nero and NVE.

Tried this on the suggestion of Nero tech support and I have the same exact problem. Now my video capture in Nero doesn’t even work!!! Things are regressing quickly, you gotta love computers!!! Any more suggestions.

Dave P.

If all else fails format and start again. :eek:

try an older version of nero,then install newer over the top.

lol go with no updates, totally stable, many many 100s of dvds and cds burnt with zero nero-related problems

Rich :rolleyes:

I had this problem with Nero Recode.

I didnt find a solution thou.

Tried all of the suggestions. Ended up installing this seems to be working ok. So who was it that said “progress is moving foreward”? Probably some software creator!


nice one, dunno bout you but theres no way im updating again until such time as i change burner… i only ever do data or audio cd’s, and dvd movies, but has been rock solid since the day i installed it. they can keep there 7201 updates thanks :rolleyes: