NERO Update Problem

I am trying to update my NERO to the latest version from The Nero Smart Start says I have and that is the version number that shows up on the splash screen when I start NERO and when I check the version with the info.

Twice now I have downloaded and run the update file. It unpacks and then tells me that I already have installed. I run the update anyway.

I still have installed and despite the update software working and completing the job it does not update to the newest version.

I have searched the NERO site and found nothing (raise your hand if you are shocked) about this issue.

I would appreciate any help with this issue.

Well, maybe if you uninstall your version and run the clearer that you can download from Nero’s site.
Afterwards you can re-install the initial 6 version you have and update to the last one.
I don’t know if that’s the case with but Nero has a database that it checks for serial numbers they consider as pirate or cracks and may reject the update. It came out when one of the update packs (I don’t know its number) had the wrong database and was rejecting legit serial numbers, but I think they corrected it already.
As last ressort, if it doesn’t work you have to contact support at Nero’s.

Updates are a full package. Just uninstall what you have, then install just