Nero Update-Package 4 dated March 14th

I’ve been looking in the fórum but didn’t see any reference to this package that includes Nero Media Player version, according to Nero’s site update links page.
Nero site release notes indicate current version as
Anyone has a changelog for this last one, please?

If you go to the following link: package 4 is Nero Mix and package-5 is the Nero media player.

Hi! Could u explain the dif between Nero Media Player and Showtime? I downloaded the latest version of media player and while it looks nice it does nothing good when trying to play VCD, SVCD, and DVD. With a VCD the program hangs (unresponsive) upon VCD load, with SVCD I get an error message about incorrect audio plug-in, and with DVD it won’t even recognize the disk!

This is in stark contrast to WINDOWS media player that plays all 3 disks with no problem.

It is also in strange contrast to Showtime, that plays all 3 formats as well.

So what is the point of Media Player, and if it’s just for Audio, why not call it Audio Player.


Thats a good point, but only Nero’s people can give you an answer.

Ref. to initial post, Nero’s site ( shows now the file dated March 14th.

Sorry Ismaelm as I didn’t post a replay when it came out. But, as herojig is quoting you I would like to point out that your good indication is applicable to the US but not to the european package, that has just 4 packs to download and doesn’t include NeroMix, that is here a standalone product.

agomes , ur pointer reminded me of the Nero Ultra Vs. Reloaded fiasco :slight_smile: .
my oem version changes pointers between them sometimes :Z

so when my friends all look at me like i’m nuts and say “why the f are u using Nero” the only thing i can say, “it’s not for the website.”