NERO Update For Yamaha F1E

What is this, update is version but current version is Is this a step forward or a step backwards? :a

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I don’t know where you are finding v., but just disregard it and use the latest v. from the Nero site. :wink:

read the main site of CD-Freaks or :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: ,buddy :slight_smile:

continue waiting for Nero 6 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Take a look at

Yamaha and Ahead produced a new version of NERO that fixes some issues that only affect the Yamaha F1E. One involves the diskT@2 program and the way it allocates space for tatooing the disk.

When I went to install this update (I have a Yamaha F1E), the install program alerted me to the fact that I was trying to install an older version over a newer version.

Now it is possible that Ahead programers screwed up and it really should be but they named it and the install program is smart enough to compare the installed version number to the one that I try to install and warn me.

Yamaha, Ahead, please enlighten us.

It looks like a “special” release intended only to deal with debugging problems Nero has (had) with your Yamaha burner.

If you were experiencing problems with the Wizard or DiscT@2, then this earlier numbered custom version may be for you:


  • You can close a CD using the Nero data CD creation Wizard.
  • An available space for DiscT@2 is automatically calculated upon launching DiscT@2 editor.

If you were not using the data CD Wizard or DiscT@2, you could continue to use the latest standard Nero version. Nero will probably incorporate the Yamaha fixes in a later standard release.