Nero update check turn off



How do I turn off the automatic update check that Nero does when I start up Nero. Its quite annoying as it tries to start a connection (I use dial up). I have looked at the preferences etc but I cant seem to find the turn off box. I have vs 66018
Cheers C


Please anyone.


Open Nero Startsmart and click on the word “nero” on the upper left. You should get a screen that has the update option box.


I am using a different version ( but when I click on the word “nero” it takes me to an update option that I don’t think answers Chetnich’s question. My update option box takes me to nero’s “ProductSetup” options. It may be that’s because I’m using a different version or it may be that I’ve had too long a day and should call it a night.

Chetnich: Please consider going to your Control Panel and double-clicking on “internet options”. One of the tabs is labeled “Connections”. Select “never dial a connection”. This will make your connection a manual operation and I think it will solve your problem.


Nero 6.6 and nero 7 are completely different. Also, nero 7.2 and nero 7.5 are different in the way they update.


That’s good info thanks. I have had a number of programs that are intrusive and attempt to automatically dialup a connection. My “connections tab” is the first place I look when that happens.


Strachan this worked,
Jeff I noticed that my settings were already at “never dial a connection” so this option is limited in its functionality… good old Win XP. thanks everyone for the help.