Nero update

Seems that a new update for nero 6 has been out.
Check it at

A “The Weather Channel Desktop” thing has been added but I didn’t bother installing it, so I can’t say what it really is.

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Nero 6 is so outdated you better consider to upgrade to Nero7.

That is true but considering all the problems the latest version is giving people, you have to wonder if they didn’t release it to early to just get the consumer’s money rather then giving the consumers a product that works. Til they give a good reason to upgrade to nero 7 when it has so much problems for some it makes buying it not a very good decision right now.

Nero 6 ROCKS!!! 7 Sucks

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Although I use ImgBurn, Nero6 has never let me down when I have given it a shot & my wife still uses it all the time to burn her CDs.

I wonder if moderator which supposes to moderate the forum to endure fair and balance point of view can express such harsh judgment about the entire of the company in its open from.

We’re all entitled to our own opinions whether we’re moderators or not. That makes it fair & balanced.

I would agree with the MOD my nero 6.x is more stable and useful and less headache then users of nero 7.x. I think until they really fix and stop constant updates will they have a really stable nero 7.x program. I still use nero 6.x for alot of burning and watching movies and has served me well.