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On the Nero FTP you can find a new update: You can download it here. (It’s an update so if you don’t have the full (demo)version yet (shame on you!),…

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nero rules… just next to clonecd

Cool, let me see if it does not messes my CDs up or not

My old Nero is still working well!!!

nero allways work …
does your old one support multiple burners?
this one does!

Can playstaion 2 games be copy,if so will nero be able to copy playstation 2 games.

CloneCD can backup playstation games but you still need a modded Playstation to play a backup disk.

Just ravage the PSX ISO with the patches found on the web.
No more chips!

Cool, too bad i don’t have a PS2 hehe.

Thanx for the tip. I installed the upgrade and YES, my problems are over. I finally can burn multiple copies with my systeem under W2K. (For those among you with W2K, adaptec 29160 and two Plextor PXW124tsi. Upgrade if you want to multi-burn.)
So Ahead does read their supportmail. Who said the support of Ahead is bad??

Not me, I’m happy.

to reanimator: Where ??

to reanimator: Where ??

Can someone please help me
getting around the chip on my PSX
I’ve downloaded hundreds of files and made "boot cd’s"
but no one works, WHY???

got problems to burn my diablo2 backups

Thought I found them on Hitman’s Console page but will check it out for ya.

hey is there an mp3 crack for nero and can anyone link it to me

CRACKFANNY - I’m probably telling you what you already know, but do a search for it at Altalavista:
I think I saw it there.

anybody knows somethin’ about ahead incd? where can i download it? (and what about a crack for it?)

you can find the link at for the crack and make a search