Nero Unsupported DVD Writer



I have nero 5.5 and have just purchased a sony vaio laptop with a TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R6012, at the moment Nero does not support it and only gives me the option of an Image Recorder. I would like to be able to copy to DVD but have no idea what to do next, I have tried auto detection but do not have the original Nero CD Rom or the test CD.

I hope somebody can help

Any ideas to m

Thanks in advance


The latest version in the Nero 5 Series is version Try updating to the latest Nero version to see if it supports your drive.


Thanks for reply, got version 6 and it supports drive, just one other question, i burned some data onto DVD as a compilation but afterwards the DVD drive that burned it would not read information of DVD, I burned another session to the same compilation and afterwards it read the DVD, am I doing something wrong.

Thanks once again


Sorry, I don’t have the answer here. I’m from the “Write Once” school. I avoid multi-sessions and Packet Writing like the plague. Too many failures and lost data. I’ll rewrite an RW before I use the above technology.

Any takers on the question?