Nero unable to close a DVD multisession

Can anyone help me please?

Yesterday I burned the first and only session of my DVD multisession. I didn’t finalize the disc, aware, as Nero reminds me, that the next sessions won’t be available on some DVDROM drives and operating systems prior to Windows XP. Today I don’t want to write anymore on to it (but can do if that’s what it takes) so wish to close the disc to make it more compatible… but can’t find how to do this.

If I select “continue multisession” in Nero Burning ROM with the disc in the drive, when I select “New” it brings up the box saying “select a track to continue multisession writing”, but I can’t select the track or press “OK”, and “OK” is greyed out.

Is there something I can do or is the disc or Nero at fault?

LG4120B, DVD-R disc, Nero 6.6.03, Windows XP Professional SP2. The disc is fine for reading.

Thanks very much you crazy CDFreakers.

to close the disc, write a small file (text document is fine) and select finalize disc. This will close the disc so further writing is not possible.

you could also try ht fireman. skip through to last screen and choose finalize disc