NERO: Unable to access shell manager

When I try and install Nero 9 Reloaded I get an error about 20% into the install, saying “unable to access shell
manager” I just recently paid for Nero 9 Reloaded, and I I had to reinstall it on my computer due to an unrelated
issue. I installed a new hard drive but still had my old drive with Nero files on it installed. I used the General
cleaning tool to uninstall all files on my machine I even followed the removal instructions in post 18 of this thread
more then once.

I went as far as to uninstall my Anti Virus, Ad ware program and I disabled firewall. So I am extremely vulnerable
to attacks right now but all willing to risk this in order to properly install Nero 9 Reloaded, being I paid quite a bit of
money for this program, and Nero wants me to pay $1.29 a minute to help me install it I have posted in Nero forums
and written Nero technical support. Can anyone please help me?

O/S Windows XP Pro Service pack 3
Two Hard Disks: 1 TB & 80 GB
Software attempted to install Nero
Tools General-Clean Tools October 15, 2009

Anyone looking to a solution to this problem, Nero tech support will walk you through it, they are pretty good. They resolved it for me. Special thanks to Cholla!