Nero ultra edition

ok i just got nero ultra edition installed and wanted to use it to burn things onto my dvd-ram rewritable disc …well it wont recognize my disc for sum reason and im not sure as to why … im pretty noob with NERO, i usually only use elby clondvd2, burnt about 140 dvds with it but cant figure this out, thanks for anyone who can help

also when i use SMARTBURN … it comes up as this for the media

   Drive Type = DVD DUAL 
   Disc Type = DVD-RW (Single Layer)

Nominal Capacity = 4.38GB
Manufacturer Maybe =
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 96916.1X (Write)

What model of burner are you using? Most dvd-ram drives don’t support dvd-rw…vice versa.

DVD-Ram drives usually require a windows driver to recognize -ram discs, and your version of nero may need a drive update for your particular burner.

I’m using nero ultra also. If you post your hardware specs, I will try to help ya…but need more information from you…:slight_smile:

i have a liteon sohw 812s … using US0N

I don’t think Liteon drives support dvd-ram (read or write). LG is the only company I know of that has drives capable of writing to all five formats (+R/RW, -R/RW, RAM).

alright that makes sense … cuz i swore i was doing everything else right … haha thanks for the info

This drive does not support dvd-ram at all.

You can review it’s read/write specs HERE

Hope this helps.:slight_smile: