Nero Ultra Edition retail ed. worth buying?

Circuit City has Nero on sale with rebates for $39.99 this week. I am currently using Roxio Easy CD and DVD program that came bundled with my TDK 8x drive over a year ago. I used Nero in the past, and it was a very easy to use program, and seemed faster than my current Roxio.

I plan to buy a new 16x dual layer DVD burner soon, so I don’t know if I should wait until after I get the new drive, or buy Nero this week, or see if there is another program I should get instead. Thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated!


Maybe i’d wait, cause when you buy a retail version, most of them are bundled with
Nero Oem, and you can upgrade it without problems.Ok they’re not all functions enabled,
like different plugins etc., but if you only use it for burning for example, it’s enough and
you’ve nothing paid for it cause it came with your burner!

I guess that is one of the things I want to know, is what kind of functionality will I get if I buy the full program, as opposed to using the lite or OEM version that comes bundled with a drive. Is there a better program out there that I should buy instead?

Personally, i had never bigger problems with Nero, i use it for a long time now!
If you buy the full version, you’ve a All-in-one solution.