NERO ultra 7 w/windows error message

WNASPI32.DLL XP / 256Ram / 2.0 AMD CPU / (I know, I’m saving for a new self-build with more ram ,and faster CPU)

I was attempting to burn a Audio CD in NERO Ultra 7 (nero Burning Rom)

I saw the NERO window pop up,then chose the Make Audio CD, then this message popped up…
“Bad or missing system .DLL > need WINDOWS original WNASPI32.DLL”

I then googled that file. found it, saved it to desktop, unzipped it to WINDOWS/SYSTEM, restarted the beast,
then tried Nero again,but same ol’ message popped up.

Am I doing something wrong?:rolleyes:

any other ideas? :bow: Thanks!

I placed the file in the windows/system32 and the error message seems not to be popping up, but the other problem I have now is that Nero doesn’t recognize neither of my CD-Rom drives. I ran the Nero repair utility and went to Device manager and they were listed. “This device is working properly” on both, but I can not use the troubleshooter button, nothing happens. Will re-installing the program show the drives again?
I plopped in a fe CD’s in both the drives and they are playing beautifully.

Of course I called Nero,but they want $1.25 per minute to help.

Use Burrrn for CDDA.

Thanks chef,
Can you whip me up a recipe for what you R talking about? CDDA? Is this exclusively for NERO? I was told that all my CAB files are jacked up and the only way around this was to uninstall XP OS, and reinstall the OS,then reinstall the program… YIKES.

Waht I did do for the time being was to uninstall NERO and install and old Roxio6 program to try to get all my important stuff off my HD before something elde happens.

People on other sites ask why I want an external Hard drive for all my Jpgs, Mp3’s, documents,for when I rebuild the next puter. Thanks!