NERO truncates disc labels

Hi all,
I have been trying to get NERO to work correctly for several years now without much luck. No help from NERO support or any other forums. I have also searched this forum with no luck. NERO support doesn’t even know the difference between a ‘file name’ and a ‘disc label’. I had hoped upgrading to the most current version would help but it hasn’t. My problem is that NERO ( will not allow a disc label longer than 15 characters. I have been using Roxio to burn disks because it allows labels up to 32 characters (both upper and lowercase, players don’t care). I would upgrade Roxio (6.6) but my label files can not be imported to the newer versions. This has always been a failing of Roxio and I have over 959 files (it would be a nightmare to redo all these files, and no there is no way to export the graphics). Also Roxio 6.6 can’t do DL discs. I hope someone knows a work-around for this problem. NERO, it seems is trying to change the world standards for disc formats.

To create long labels, you can use this trick: use nero to create an ISO file (choose Image Recorder as burner), and then use imgburn or dvd decrypter to change label name (and to burn the ISO file too :wink: )

I had thought of something like that. I can use Magic ISO to create an ISO file (why use Nero?), then edit the name. Then use Nero to burn…, but why use Nero at all, Magic ISO can burn! What a pain in the a**. I would just as soon use Roxio. It works just fine, and is a one click solution, just doesn’t do DL. For those I can use the ISO. Assuming Nero will use the name without truncating it. Will have to try…

Actually I don’t use nero for my burnings; I use it only to create ISO files :bigsmile:

I use Nero 6.0 Ultra.
I’m having a problem labeling ISO’s.
I relax filename legth restrictions and do NOT click to use the ISSO label as the Joliet label. My Joliet label is LISA’S CREW. After the burn, My Computer / Filemanager displays the disc label maybe 3 out of 10 times and then never again. I’ve tried to view it in My Computer / Filemanager in XP-PRO and W2K. I burned it in W2K.

One method doesn’t allow small letters, spaces or punctuation (the apostrophe).
The other method does allow these.
Nero seems to take it. It burns successfully but I can’t see the label displayed in My Computer / Filemanager.

I have WinISO 5.3. I’m not sure what it allows for disc label length, but it severely truncates filenames. I’m trying to make discs of MP3 files with very long filenames.

Will MagicISO resolve this?
I was going to buy a newer Nero but from the problem you’re experiencing, it sounds like that wouldn’t help.


Imgburn can change labels in ISO files. See the pic as example: open the ISO file and insert the new label in the boxes

I’ve been trying the new version of ImgBurn, and it’s pretty snappy. LUK!'s added the ability to build your own ISOs. You have a lot of options when you create hybrids: ISO9660 + Joliet, ISO9660 + Joliet + UDF, whatever. You can create your 32-character volume labels if you like.

I dunno if that’s what you’re looking for, but it’s nice to get so much bang from a 1 MB installer.

That’s a shame really. This bug still resides since v6. :rolleyes: It appears that in choosing DVD-Video mode, only the ISO9660 Level 1 is chosen for full reading compatibility for DOS and Win 9x.

For Imgburn, it is recommended that you use ISO9660+UDF file system for creating dvd-video image or burning to dvd. If you enter the volume label, which accepts upper/lowercase letters even spaces, for the UDF file system, then it will be shown in the Windows Explorer when mounted. But it’s best that the volume label for both ISO9660 & UDF entries be the same for consistency purpose.

i’m having the same issues with nero since v6 (now upgraded to the only thing i like about nero is nero vision express (although buggy) to quickly do video samplers, otherwise it’s not worth the (full amount of) money.

anyway, for long labels, i use VSO’s CopyToDVD. it allows long label names and even spaces!


Hi all,
Thanks for your input but I think you are all straying from the original point. The problem is with NERO… ‘toaddub’ hit on the head. When you choose the DVD-Video mode you are not allowed to use anything but ISO level 1. I also tried using both the ISO/UDF and just UDF selections and they both continued to truncate the DVD Label. Seems to be connected to the media being a DVD. Doesn’t NERO know anything about DVD/CD formats? Obviously not! I have now tested 4 ISO creation programs, my favorite is, MagicISO and now ImgBurn. None of them can ‘change’ an ISO’s label. They can all create an ISO with long names, but this is absurd… What’s the point? Roxio can burn a DVD, WITH a long name, just can’t do DL. For the very few times I need DL I will just create an ISO and/or use ImgBurn to burn the DVD. I am a little ticked off, that after paying for a NERO upgrade, it is such a piece of crap… Will not be monitoring this thread any longer as there seems to be no point.

PS, Anyone know why I can’t use the smilies? Send a PM please.

I have now tested 4 ISO creation programs, my favorite is, MagicISO and now ImgBurn. None of them can ‘change’ an ISO’s label.

toysys, did you read post 6?

I did. I have tried to change the label in an existing ISO. You can’t. I read all the guides at their site and there is no guide that says you can. Yes you can change the label if you are ‘burning’ to a CD/DVD but you can not change an existing ISO label unless you first extract all the files and then re-do the ISO. That works but is a real hassle. I still ascribe to my last post.

Oh are you talking about changing it on a disc you’ve already burnt?! Well of course you can’t change it in that case.

If you just have an ISO on your hdd, you CAN change it without have to rebuild it. ImgBurn can do that.

Your original post wasn’t very clear, sorry.

Well… I have spent 6 hours trying to do that and there is no way I can find to do it! You can only change the name if you are writing to disk or a new ISO. It can’t edit an existing ISO. If there is a way then let me know as there is nothing on the site or the forum that sugests that it is possible. I have tried. It can’t even open an ISO in edit mode as MagicISO can.

As I pointed out earlier, there’s a screenshot in post 6 that shows you how to do it!

Incase you can’t see it:

  1. Load ImgBurn
  2. Click ‘Tools’ menu
  3. Click ‘ISO’ -> ‘Change Volume Label…’
  4. Click little folder icon to browse to/select the ISO.
  5. Change the names to what you want them to be.
  6. Click ‘Ok’.

Job done.

6hrs and you couldn’t find that?!

geno showed a screenshot of the process in post #6 and i can verify that it DOES work with existing ISOs.

Well let me begin by letting you know that I have been a Senior Software Engineer for more than 25 years. I write and debug all kinds of software and am very good at it. I think ImgBurn is a great program for what it was intended for, but it still has limitations (these limitations are inherent to the structure of ISO files in general). I have been using ISO and BIN files for many years and am very familiar with their formats. ImgBurn CAN NOT change the ‘Disk Label’ for an ISO “formatted” with a “File System” that doesn’t support the name you want to use. E.G. if you want a long name (>16 and <32) in an ISO formatted ISO9660 ImgBurn will fail to change the label. It will truncate it. ImgBurn CAN NOT change the format! As I stated earlier, You MUST extract the files and then create a brand new ISO file. If you think this is incorrect then let me know just how you think it can be done. I fully understand that this program was never intended to be an ISO editor but there are no ISO tools that can change the ‘format’ of an ISO without creating a new ISO from scratch. If ImgBurn can then I would love it if you could show me how. I just tested this with an existing ISO and it COULD NOT change the name.

I create ISO image files quite frequently, mostly out of Nero using the image recorder function for DVD movies.
From this point I update the disk label/volume name to something more meaningful that Nero allows.
If I don’t burn it at that point the volume name retains the change I’ve made and this is what everyone else in this thread has found successful.

BTW I’ve been an IT Consultant for much longer than you’ve been in the business if that matters.


25 years and you’re still getting things messed up!

ImgBurn is perfectly capable of changing the volume label in the ISO9660 filesystem to something > 16 and <= 32 characters.

What you’re probably seeing here is that your ISO’s also use the Joliet filesystem.
That one is limited to 16 characters and there is no way around that. If Joliet is present, Windows will use that one to display stuff to the user via explorer etc - hence you’ll see the Joliet volume label in ‘My Computer’ and not the longer ISO9660 one.

That doesn’t mean ImgBurn isn’t doing it’s job though.

So long as you use UDF for the filesystem or don’t use Joliet (leaving just ISO9660), you’ll be able to have longer volume labels.

Maybe there’s something wrong about how your ISO is created. You mentioned you did use Nero to create the ISO (either .nrg or .iso), using DVD-Video mode, but somehow Imgburn still cannot change the volume label in the UDF entry. Do I get this right?

Well, I don’t have your version but, so I decided to rerun the test. I choose DVD-Video mode; under ISO tab, file name length is Max of 31 chars (Level 2), character set is ISO 9660, no relax restrictions checked; under Label tab, I enter 32 chars (upper/lowercase letters and underscores). However, only 15 characters are displayed next to the CD icon (a long time bug), that contains the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders.

Mounted the iso, and only 15 chars are displayed as the volume label in the virtual drive. So I unmount it and use Imgburn to change the volume label. The created image has 2 filesystems: ISO9660 (containing 32 uppercase characters), and UDF (containing 15 characters that you see in Windows Explorer). So I fill up the UDF field up to 32 chars. Hit Apply and OK. Mount it again and the volume label is seen updated. You should see the image file has the Date Modified changed as well. So you see, Imgburn is doing its job.

You did not have it mounted while changing the volume label, did you? Make sure there’s no lock to the file.

To check further, if you have the mkisofs package, use isoinfo program to check the various fields, it will only list the Volume id of the ISO9660 format. But it also say “**BAD RRVERSION (0)” as it detects there’s some flaw in the image creation by Nero. If you use another program, isovfy, it will list a bunch of errors, something like “RRlen=6 [**BAD SUSP 0 0]”. You will not see any of these errors for Imgburn created ISOs.

Maybe you should bring this attention to Nero support. Not the first line of support, but the last line of support straight to the developer’s attention.