Nero Transcoding

I’m using NERO to transcode and burn some pretty large AVI files. I’m trying to create a DVD of AVI’s pretty much… Anyhow I’m Having some problems. As I’m transcoding the first movie aprox 1GB AVI the puter just Freezes. :frowning:

Anyhow I’m running a 1.47GHZ AMD and 256 RAM, Is this the problem? Or is there some newbie friendly software outthere that works better for this?

Let me know


256 RAM could be the cause. another possible is RAM timings in BIOS options. cpu and FSB settings in BIOS also. could be heat. click my troubleshoot link and see if anything there can assist


Low memory could well be the problem!

Even worse if you are using Win ME!!!

Have you tried Cucusoft AVI Converter Pro, it’s one of the best programs out there for this sort of thing. You can even leave it running and go out, go to bed etc coz it will shut the PC down when it’s finished - If you check the box :smiley:


I find that transcoding with two passes results in crashes, but transcoding in one pass does not. Give that a try. I only have 160 MB RAM (until my RAM order arrives later this week) so RAM could be an issue.

am using Nero 8 and vision 5, with WXP for OS. I am trying to burn a VCD slide show of pictures with music as I have done before with nero 7. When I do so it says the following;

I have read a few things and have tried the following;
going into the default and making shure it is at NTSC, then I disabled the nero smartencoding.
This does not work.
I also have more than enough memory on my system to handle these functions.

Can anyone help please.