NERO transcoding problems?

Hi people,

Can anyone help with this please?

I want to burn some wmv files onto a DVD so that the disc can be played in a DVD player, you know as a straightforward DVD player…not a data disc, a disc with the VOB files etc. Anyway I ended up buying some software just to be able to convert the files to a format that Nero would support, then the NERO software stops after about an hour and reports a problem, as usual these error messages are not specific and so one hasn’t a clue what the actual problem is. I watched the whole process and it does have some sort of vague message about not being able to transcode before another completely meaningless message pops up merely saying ‘It can’t do it!’. Anybosy know what the problem could be and anyone know why error messages are so vague please?


My setup here supports WMV files.

Your WMV files might be DRM protected.

can you please post these vague error messages…otherwise your question is as vague as you think the problem is!

what nero program are you using? (nero is an entire software suite, burning rom, vision express, etc are examples of programs within nero)

what version are you using?

what is the source of your .wmv files (as was already stated they may be DRM “protected” (ie crippled)