Nero Track Markers

I have some mp3 files from live concerts that I want to combine and burn onto CD.

Here’s the thing…as many of you know that have live concert Cds, you can play the CD straight thru from the beginning with no breaks between tracks or you can go to a selected track and play from there.

That is what I was able to do quite easily with Magix Audio Cleaning Lab v3.0.

I was wondering if anyone has done this with Nero?

I have found where to insert track markers in wave editor but then it saves it as one big track and when I burn the disc, it is only one track.

Have emailed Nero tech support with this question a few times and they have never answered back.

Maxx 42

If you want to burn live album from mp3 files without gaps between tracks there no reason to use Nero Wave Editor.
Start Nero Burning Rom, choose create AudioCD, add mp3 files and set pause to zero for all tracks (you can do that in track properties). Burn in DAO mode and you’ll hear no any gaps.

I don’t know about Nero, but you can split the WAV according to your markers with GoldWave. Or you could write a cue sheet with CueMaster or Notepad and split the WAV according to the cue sheet with EAC.

But you will have clicks between the tracks because Nero won’t decode the MP3s gaplessly.