Nero to Unveil Nero Linux 3 at CeBIT




Nero to Unveil Nero Linux 3 at CeBIT
Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD support for data recording now available for Linux OS

CeBIT, Hanover (March 16, 2007) – Nero, leaders in digital media technology, announced today that Nero Linux 3 will be unveiled at CeBIT. The new version of the definitive burning application for Linux operating systems will feature Blu-ray and HD DVD data recording support as well as an improved graphical user interface that is similar to the look and feel of the current Nero Burning ROM 7 edition.

“Nero has long recognized the importance of including the Linux community in our broad user base,” said Udo Eberlein, Chief Operating Officer, Nero AG. “By ensuring that the functionalities of our most popular application are available to users of the Linux operating systems, we are also ensuring that Nero’s cutting-edge burning technology is enjoyed by users all over the world.”

In addition to Blu-ray and HD DVD burning capabilities, Nero Linux 3 will also natively support 64-bit systems, as well as Unicode in all languages currently supported by Nero’s flagship product, Nero 7.

A beta version of Nero Linux 3 is expected to be available at the end of March 2007. Nero’s OEM partners will be able to bundle Nero Linux 3 starting in mid-May 2007 offering a unique solution to the growing community of Linux OS users and fans. Many Linux distributions will be supported in the new upgrade including Red Hat Enterprise, Fedora Core, SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Linspire, and Mandriva.

For more information about Nero Linux 3, visit

About Nero

Nero is a leading provider of digital multimedia solutions for the personal computer, consumer electronics, and mobile industries. Focused on developing technologies for digital media creation and playback, Nero provides strategic partners with applications, codecs, tools, software development kits, and programming interfaces for use with a variety of the latest platforms and devices. Over 240 million units of Nero’s award-winning software solutions have been distributed globally and are widely used in the home, on the go and professionally.

Nero distributes products globally through hardware manufacturers, international partners, retailers, and directly through Nero AG is headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany and serves the world with regional offices in Karlsbad, Germany (EMEA); Glendale, California, USA (Americas); and Yokohama, Japan (APAC).


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Darn! I read this on Heise as well, just a moment ago. But [B]I was at CeBIT just a few hours ago and actually failed to go to the Nero booth.[/B] :a
Was there a live demo? Has it been presented yet?


For your eyes only, you can have a look on the new GUI :flower:


its finally gtk2. im so happy :clap: . and do you know how it will be with the sn i bought? will it be valid for the new version?


argh, just as i was about ready to switch to k3b :wink:

does this feature drag’n’drop - if you try it with 2104b it just seems to write empty files with the names of the files you dnd.


. great news . . . [B]IF[/B] buying Nerolinux resolves 2 major Linux hassles: A1-quality AAC encoding [ie Linux binaries of Nero’s fabulous Win32 neroaacenc_sse2 & its tagger] & [please o please o please] a modern fast secure audio ripping engine that uses, where available from the ripping hardware, C2 error info.

. . but if all it offers over the excellent K3b is support for 2x vastly expensive & DRM’d HD formats, fuhgeddit . . .


:eek: :clap:

i have a question…do we need to buy another key to use nerolinux 3 when it’s released?


Yes I think so…


photo of nerolinux 3 from the


This version looks so great I hope the beta will be available very soon :wink:


When will NeroLinux 3 be released?



As written in the press release, the final version should be out in May. But we are planning to have a beta version out in beginning of April… :slight_smile:


Meaning in a few days time, right? Could you be more specific? Are there any chances we could get our hands on the beta/your internal build immediately? Thanx :wink:


Good idea, sorab. Come on, mathf, let’s beta test it here…since this is a NeroLinux forum. :slight_smile: .


NeroLINUX 3 looks very very good!
Wish it was already available for download.


I am excited about this in a MAJOR way! Thanks to the Nero team for extending and supporting my favorite burning application. Yes…even if I have to buy a key, it’s worth it. I have had NO TROUBLE with NeroLinux since the days…so I’m pretty sure that this will be a good release, even on the initial one…it LOOKS great. The only think I’m missing now is the cover art application…I hope that comes soon, or might even be included…have to look at the web site now (I didn’t even do this yet, so I might be way behind the curve on it)…

Thanks for the info, mathf


It’s April 10th… could we get that beta please?


The beta version of Nero Linux 3 will be available on nero’s website next thursday. So check out :slight_smile:

More info about this beta:

  • Exact same GUI as Nero Burning ROM (except some adaptions for Linux)
  • Lots of new features & options (basically all features from Burning ROM)
  • Supports all type of devices (IDE, S-ATA, SCSI, USB and FireWire)
  • Support HD media burning (HD DVD and Blu-ray) even if you do not have a physical device (using the Image Recorder)
  • Translated in the 26 Nero official languages (but some strings are still missing)


  • Some features still not available (mainly: clipboard & audio files transconding)
  • 32 bits version only (but works well on a 64 bits system also)


Error on the link, mathf (at least for me). Will there be a beta key that comes with it or do we need to buy a key first?

Thanks. :slight_smile: .


The link is a shorcut to the Nero Linux landing page. As for now, nothing is online so you should see version 2 details.
Regarding the key, a demo key will be provided within the package. So there is no need to pay anything if you wanna try this new version. (And btw why paying a beta?)