Nero to ipod / name that tune / recode 2 and decrypter

I’ve been searching thru this site and i can’t find the clear answer. Can someone please point me to a walk thru on getting videos to an itunes library?

I have recode 2 ce, dvd decrypter ver, and the latest itunes.

I’ve successfully decrypted. I think i successfully did the recode, but i can’t find to where the files went on my hard drive. I was able to access them them thru a search in my computer, but it wouldn’t let me drag them to itunes in that manner.

i am only transferring music videos. the files come up as vts_01_1 etc. How do you add the song titles. How do i erase the info in recode after i’ve transferred the files?

I am using recode and decrypter because i came across what seemed to be a very relaible walk thru, but somehow i lost the link. PLEASE HELP !! :sad:

Nobody answered my post? I did find the answer (see below links), unfortunately, i decided it wasn’t worth the trouble AND to void the warranty. So, I returned the ipod for a $24 charge which i figure was worth the rental for 2 weeks. Right?

Moving on…

What players, if any, (ieZune, etc) will legally and easily let you download video from your personal library of dvd’s?

Ooooops! Here is the correct link for Nero / Decrypter