Nero to be the first software that supports DVD+R Dual Layer writing



I just posted the article Nero to be the first software that supports DVD+R Dual Layer writing.

Ahead Software announced today the world’s first all-in-one DVD+R Double Layer (DL) software suite. All of Nero’s applications in this enhanced version of its OEM digital media suite will…

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DVD Decrypter allready supports DL writing :slight_smile:


just curious, how can you be sure it supports DL since a DL burner hasn’t been released yet


“This is a quantum leap in recordable DVD technology” I wonder, is there a limit to the number of “quantum leaps” we can make in one universe? Seems like we make quite a few, if you believe all the sales pitches. :wink:


4.7GB + 4.7GB is somewhat different to 8.5GB Its not double the capacity and its not 4 hours of Standard DVD video. New name for the Nero suite or is it a completly new package ? The Nero OEM digital media suite sounds somewhat different to Nero Burning rom, No mention of an update for burning rom owners, so this means what ?


All it means is that they are adding the capability to burn to dual layer DVD’s, nothing more, nothing less. Nero OEM digital media suite is just a fancy name to say that it’s Nero Burning Rom, Recode 2, Soundtrax and the rest on one CD. Reading this statement, I think this is more aimed at OEM resellers than the public, no-one’s PR company would tell the public about their OEM product, they would want them to get the full (and more expensive) retial pack.


Actually, from what I’ve seen of the OEM versions, you don’t even get Nero Burning Rom…you only get Nero Express. But yea, this is simply going to be an update to what’s already there. Kinda like how they added AMD 64 support and no one noticed. :slight_smile:


Wonder if you’ll have to create image files seperatly of each layer? Wonder if burning will be the same thing. One thing i’d like to say for burn time of 2.4x on DL discs. I think people forget the X refers to the disc capacity too. So 2.4x on a DL disc will take 30 mins. (Not 1 hour as some suggest). I’ve heard some people even suggest that its 8x for layer one and 2.4x for layer 2!


X refers to the disc capacity?? Umm, what? I guess it depends on if it burns both layers at once, or if it burns one layer at a time. I can see 8x on one layer 2.4x on the other, since the top layer would be easier to burn with less power, and the lower layer requiring more power and perhaps a slower speed for percision. And if you think you’d have to create two image files, then its reasonable to assume that it’ll take an hour on a 2.4x disc…2.4x on each layer. Could someone link to actual specs of how DL is handled?


It’s 2.4x for both layers and x has nothing to do with the disc capacity, 1x = 1385 kbps (=1353 kibps). A full 8.5 GB disc should take about 45 min to burn @2.4x speed.


I don’t think so. Depending on the speed of the recorder you will be able to burn the first layer at full speed and the second layer, initiallty, at 2.4x. If I remember well I read this kind of specifications. So, probably, with the first recorders you’ll get the first layer at 8x and the second at 2.4x so buring time should be around 30 min. tu burn a full 8.5GB DVD


No I think that rumour comes from the formulation in the first German info that showed up about the Philips DVDRW885 burner which led to some misunderstanding. Philips’ own PDF about double layer DVD+R clearly shows that it’s 2.4x for both layers, see table 2 second page here.


the speed of burn is over the whole 8.5gb.


Would the layer change be put wherever it feels like on DVD movies? It would be nice to be able to choose where the layer change in a movie occurs for authoring purposes.


It should be the same as the original as your doing a full data copy. I guess with your own dvd authors it might be different as you may have to create one. I’m just not looking forward to expensive discs again…lol!


Ummmm, I don’t know what you guys are smokin, but the first layer is burnt at 8X and the second layer is burnt at 2.4X. The burning speeds have been out for a very long time now. Check the forums…


The Reverend needs to realize that when you’re a well respected company like Ahead and you’re software is included with 50% of the burners on the market, you recieve prototype and beta burners for free to add support. Ahead has had a dual burner in their labs for awhile. It’s not like Ahead it one guy in his basement coding this app. They can get ahold of hardware not on the shelf. Anyways, if Nero doesn’t support 2nd layer burning, what good is buying a dual layer burner when no software will burn onto the 2nd layer :stuck_out_tongue: