Nero: Time from "Caching of files started" to "Caching of files complete" taking too long



When burning copies of my wedding DVD for my family using Nero 7 and 9 I noticed when using my desktop that the time taken between “Caching of files started” and “Caching of files complete” is virtually instantaneous. When I try to do the same on my Macbook Pro using VMware Fusion 2.0 on a Windows XP image it takes up to 9 minutes from when you see “Caching of files started” until you see “Caching of files complete” and the actual burning to DVD begins.

Everything is working fine with no errors except it is just taking far too long to complete caching. What takes 5 minutes total on my desktop take upto 14 minutes on the laptop. The laptop is mobile and so easier to move around so I would prefer to use that.

My MBP has Duo Core CPU and 4GB RAM of which the fusion is using 2GB and 1 of the CPU cores. I have tried changing these settings using both cores of the CPU and increasing the RAM to no success.

I’m using my LG external USB DVD writer on both. Is there a setting I am missing?


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If I understood correctly, in the Mac you are using a virtual machine, right? Probably the cause is that the computer needs to copy all files to be burned in the virtual machine disc before to start the actual burning, and this require some time, mostly if the total amount of files to be moved into the virtual disc is huge.

This of course will not happen if you are using a physical machine, which uses directly the physical HDDs with no need to cache files into the virtual machine first.

Maybe you can reduce this caching time sharing a physical folder between the physycal machine and the virtual machine, and putting all files to be burned in the shared folder. In this way it shouldn’t be necessary to cache files into the virtual disk first. This is only an hypothesis, actually I don’t know if this workaround will work :frowning:



Thanks for your help. I actually am saving the files on the Mac using the share feature of Fusion. But that got me thinking, Nero is essentially reading from the share on the Mac HDD (Physical) and not the Virtual HDD so maybe if I move the files onto the virtual HDD it might work without the long wait. I will test this out and see if that is the case.

Thanks again for your insight geno888.


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ok so after i did some testing i found that my theory was correct with some greatly appreciated help from geno888.

It appears that when Nero is reading from a network it tends to cache all the burn data before burning incase the network connection fails.

So to resolve this I moved the dvd data onto the virtual C drive of the VM and that worked like a charm, there was no delay in caching. This also worked when burning data from an external USB HDD so I will be placing all my future burning data onto an external instead of trying to be clever and using the share folder feature on the VM.


Remember to remove all files from the virtual drive after the burn, or the virtual machine will become a huge file :eek:


Yes, Geno888 Thanks, Will do.