Nero the culprit?

anyone have any thoughts as to the possibility that nero is the cause of the rep the liteons are media finicky?:rolleyes:

Why would you think so? Media is for the most part not up to the high speed burns. As more high-speed media show up, you will see fewer problems. the new 40x/48x TY is a cas in point. If you haven’t tried it, you should. It’s a whole new game.

actually I have a lowly 12101b and after using nero and collecting 2 spindles of media that would just not work I used about 5 other burn apps that used the same media flawlessly

Can you define “flawless”?

i now have little problems with nero but when i was having problems . clonecd and cdrwin would burn cds and nero would fail or get many errors in cdspeed… its an odd thing… it seems the newer version of nero are to blame to… if u do not get a good install then everything gets flakey… if its a good solid install then everything is okay… and im not going to tell u how i did it cause i do not know… but i can tell u it took over 10 installs of the newest nero to make it quit messing up and either failing or cause tons of errors on the cd (write quality test)

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Can you define “flawless”?

to me flawless is : I put in cdr. I click burn . burns in a reasonable time. cd works! I’m not picky thats all I need:)