Nero tech support sucks



I sent them an email about the longer coding times of the later versions of NVE over

They sent back a generic response that makes me 100% certai that they did not read my initial 'mail.

I will not have later versions on my system (all three of my PCs were affected) and they want logs which means that I will have to install the slower versions and do their testing for them.

Don’t think they’ll be getting any more money out of me.


are you certain that your peers are experiencing the same anomalies ?


How long are you talking? is it a system critical error?

With the Hundreds of emails they’d receive, you’d do the same.


Another voice joins the chorus.
After my frustrating experiences “upgrading” from NERO OEM to Ultra I’ve given up. I learned a $50 lesson, however.
I can live without NERO quite nicely.


What takes 1:25 with takes 2:45 with, according to NVE itself.

As regards the replies, if they read them, and tailored the response to suit, they’d save time…it’s called efficiency.


You tell 'em DrTeeth! It’s high time we starting sticking pins in NERO’s bloated software and shrinking support.


once i sent them an e-mail about serious problem with incd when the program crashed and the dvd went blank. after some trying i decided not to use this version of incd because i really didn’t want to have my backups all lost and i wrote them about it.they didn’t bother to answer…nero tech support really sucks.