Nero Tech Support.... Illegal serial number

I purchased nero 6.6 at fry’s in Nov of 2005 and even submitted a rebate with the UPC for the product. I just started buring DL media and discovered the much discussed Nero problem with splitting DL content that prevents the discs from playing on stand alone DVD players.

I contacted Nero TS to log a problem (in hopes of a resolution) to get an email back from nero legal saying my serial number (provided in the log file) was illegal. This is not the case, it was a full legal purchase from Fry’s. I provided Nero’s legal group the copy of the reciept and UPC (rebate submission) as proof of purchase, but they are still claiming I don’t own the software and that I’m to stop using it. They also claim I should take legal action against the retailer (fry’s).

I’m on hold at the moment with Nero CS about this, because as I see it they screwed up. I don’t know why they are claiming the SN is illegal because it’s not, it was printed right on the disc sleeve, I even provied the legal group the wording on the back of the sleeve as futher proof I’m holding a legal copy. They didn’t seem to care. If I were dealing with a shady or non-retail store than I’d suspect they would have a case for the illegal serial number.

So, if anyone else bought 6.6 from Fry’s I’d suggest getting in touch with Nero’s TS include your burn log with serial number to see if others get the same “illegal” status to the serial number. I plan on contacting the CA atty general about this and I suspect that will help in resolving the problem.

I wanted to ask if others have had similar problems with nero and the serial number printed on the disc sleeve?

Ok, so after I posted this message I called the Nero California support center. I told them what the German office had told me and that I’m pissed off.

The rep I was dealing with (super nice guy for dealing with pissed off me) asked about who contacted me and what they said. I told him and he asked for my SN. I provided the SN to him and he came back saying that the number was valid, just unregistered.

This has me really consfused… how can a company that uses something like a serial number for authentication for so many years not get this right?

Nero Tech support is soooo slow at responding I don’t know if my first report will be reopened or not.

Anyway, to those of you with valid copies… don’t be surprised if the first time you contact TS for them to respond that your SN isn’t valid. The jackasses (ie nero legal group) in Germany will insist you stop using the software and that you take legal actions against the retailer that sold you a legal product.