Nero supplied with Drive

I have a copy of Nero that came with my Liteon drive. I noticed that some of the menu items are greyed out particularly the test and test&burn selections. Is this copy a full version or is it crippled? There is no serial number either.

I got that version of Nero with my TDK drive too. It seems to work perfectly for me, so I don’t see why yours doesn’t…
Can you do write simulations in CloneCD or other burning programs? Maybe your drive can’t do simulations.

Well I’ve got a Liteon 40125S 40x12x48. I was wondering because I gave my old 8x drive to my brother and when I set up a cracked copy of Nero for him, it had all the features but my legal copy doesn’t.

you are not allowed to talk about cracks or any other illegal ways of altering programs on these forums:cop:
the only differance between bundled versions of Nero i.e nero that comes bundled with lite-on drives will only work with liteons and has some functions restricted, and the full version is the serial number;)

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Version that comes with you Drive is the Full Ver indeed…however, it is restricted to you drive model/brand.

happy burning

I had the same problem. Easy solution though. Some Lite-Ons come with SmartBurn technology. All you have to do is click off the “SmartBurn” option in the burn dialog box. Your greyed out options should now be available.

Thanks, I’ll try that