Nero sucks!Other program to burn VIDEO_TS and ISOs?

I’m using Nero 7 to burn DVD Videos (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS) and ISO images ,but the results i’m getting with KProbe don’t look good.
So i decided to get rid of Nero and i’m asking for your suggestions on good software for DVD burning(Iso images and VIDEO_TS)

Thanx in advance

The burning app really plays little part in the burn quality, more likely a media & speed issue.

That said I use ImgBurn as do many here for the majority of my burning.

Do i need ASPI drivers or not when burning DVDs?

I am not very sure, maybe you can try other software such as Total video2Dvd Author

I vote ImgBurn also. It’s free but i’ve donated to LUK.

I agree Imgburn is as quality as you can get. Freeware or not. The program is downright awesome.:bow:

Another vote for IMGBurn… :iagree:
frankly I can’t remember the last time I used Ner0…

I use NERO all the time… but never to burn. I, too, use IMGBurn exclusively to burn.
Great application, that.

No I don’t think so. Nero uses it’s own aspi or SPTI with the latest versions and ImgBurn gives the choice but defaults to SPTI I believe.

Another vote for ImgBurn. Once you use it you will see it is worth a donation to the author.

ImgBurn, but that said I agree with post#2.