Nero stuck at 4%



i just purchase a DVD writer ( Samsung SH-S182D )
i install it ( god took me 1-2 untill to do it :stuck_out_tongue: ) and when i try to burn some stuff on dvds nero always stuck at 4%
i use diferent stuff ( different size ) every time, even from deamon tools but always stuck at 4%
i destroy 5 dvds untill now

any advice ?
sorry for my bad english


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Check if DMA is enabled.

Moreover, this problem can be caused by a very low quality disc, so I suggest to buy quality media like verbatim.

Finally, try to update firmware


It would be better if u post the log file , it’ll give better insight into the burn fail process. Don’t forget to remove your serial number before posting it.


Yes, tell us what brand of disc it is? whether you’ve tried burning at any other speed? whether you are using a 80 conductor IDE cable? Master/Slave with any other drives? DMA Enabled? What sort of IDE controller are you using?


It’s been awhile, but if you haven’t resolved the problem, try reseating the PC’s memory.